Disadvantages of Planting Your Trees Extremely Deep

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There are a lot of benefits you can get if you consider planting trees on your property. Perhaps you want to incorporate your landscape or make some shade in your yard. Even if tree planting Cincinnati is a significantly easy procedure, there’s one simple mistake that’s beyond common than you might believe. In fact, there are newly planted trees, which are planted too deep. Though this might not appear to be a major problem, planting a tree too deep is linked to long-lasting consequences for your new tree. Here is more information regarding the proper ways of planting and mulching trees, which are extremely important for their vitality and growth.

Why is this an issue?

Perhaps you are already aware of the fact that you need oxygen, sunlight, and water for your tree to survive and grow. Particularly, the roots require oxygen, water, and sunlight. Once roots get extremely far below, less oxygen can reach them, hence, less carbon dioxide can escape. This can cause your roots to slowly suffocate. Moreover, less warmth from the sun can only reach the roots. As a result, the topmost part of your root system stays moist even if it’s supposed to be dry. Clearly, this equation leads to disaster. Your newly planted won’t develop to its full potential and there’s a greater chance that it will have a shortened lifespan.

Symptoms and signs

Usually, the trees that are planted too deep won’t display symptoms while it’s still young. More often than now, it will take a few years for such issues to be clear and visible. It is essential to remember that most of the symptoms of trees that are planted too deeply appear the same as some tree problems. Such include nutrient deficiency, disease, borers/insects, and a lot more. Such symptoms are:

  • Branch dieback
  • Cracked bark
  • Defoliation
  • Leaf discoloration and decreased size
  • Overall tree health decline
  • Stunted growth

Although there’s a major indicator that can determine that a tree is planted incorrectly. A properly planted tree must have root flair where oil and the trunk meets. When it’s planted too deeply, the trunk will usually stick straight out of the ground similar to a pole. You can possibly see girdling roots as well.

Can you do something about this?

When the tree’s still young, you can possibly replant it higher to prevent such issues. However, the tree will possibly be more mature because it commonly takes a couple of years for the consequences of planting too deep to be visible and prominent. In this case, a type of excess soil removal must be done. This is a more complicated and challenging procedure and perhaps it won’t even be an option.

Reach out to the tree experts

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